Vim configration for the lazy

What does it do to my Vim?

It adds the following configuration, you can override it if you wish (see how).

  1. Uses the desert theme when running Vim in a GUI.
  2. Installs Pathogen
  3. Uses the built in apache syntax for files with the extension conf.
  4. Uses 2 spaces instead of tabs (except for Makefile's).
  5. Uses smartindent.
  6. Attaches a :set paste and :set nopaste toggle to <F5>.
  7. Adds line numbers.
  8. Adds the ability to have .vimrc configuration per directories
  9. Sets the <Leader> to ,.
  10. Installs a load of plugins.


Linux / Mac

curl https://raw.github.com/johngeorgewright/vim-config/master/install.sh | sh


cd C:\Users\[you]
git clone https://github.com/johngeorgewright/vim-config.git vimfiles
mklink _vimrc vimfiles\_vimrc
cd vimfiles
git submodule update --init
cd bundle\vimproc
# Windows using Mingw (32bit Vim):
make -f make_mingw32.mak
# Windows using Mingw (64bit Vim):
make -f make_mingw64.mak

What comes bundled?

I like some of your configuration, but I want some of my own too


# If you're on linux just edit the created ~/.vim file


" C:\Users\[you]\_vimrc

runtime _vimrc

" Add your config here...